during some self-reflecting....

2-28-2012 was my 26th birthday

I was gonna post something but I decided not to........

REDEFINED even more now


I am on my RARE day-off from I had time to self-reflect.....and this was the outcome. I decided to share it cuz pretty much the rest of my LIFE iz on BLAST so why not give honesty before someone else construes it.....beatin y'all to the punch suckaz...


BLZ: 2 Be HONEST (March 2, 2012)....if you want to read this, you can.
I strictly posted this cuz I wanted to while I was self-reflectin on my RARE day-off from other intention

God, I know you hold me down REGARDLESS of my frustrating, temperamental, impatient, diligent, rebel-natured, great-hearted, kind, intelligent, ignorant, artsy, confident/not 100% secure but getting up there personality.......
o and the rare times that BLZ can be rude & nasty...when I LET him take over cuz he swears he can do it ALL the time smh (split personality, so what???)
I never have doubts, just questions & inquiries but NOT doubts.
My fears are my frustrations/holes in my self confidence
.....over these past few faith grew even stronger to let me know that my deeds/great will weren't overlooked or condoned
.....thank you so much for everything && the continuing belief in Ryan & BLZ