Yaaaoooo wha it iz!!! Yea I kno I SUCK at keepin up wit this tryin. I REALLY do it all so I slack in certain areas u know. I might end up assigning it to someone cuz I can't keep up wit everythang & do tha website. but annnnyyyywaaaayyyyzzz


My new album (25 tracks of GREATNESS) will be droppin sometime in January/early February. To be honest im anxious & nervous about how it will be accepted (cuz im harmonizing a lil)....but im excited. You can USUALLY catch me EVERY SINGLE MONDAY @ 5 Points Pub (in 5 Points) for OPEN MIC. I be doing songs that aint even finish/I barely know. I WILL/SHALL make this site waaaaayyyyy better it will just take me some time since I have 20 million thangz goin on at 1 time. Sig sends his BEST WISHES from jail also. 

2012 will be a monumental year for me & WBN. I plan on being EVERYWHERE so look out for me &&& spread tha word. I got soooo much new music that will impress & make u proud so stayyy tuned. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from us @ Worst Breed Nation Entertainment. WE LOVE YOU ALL & HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU SOON!!!!