lazy promoter BUT I AM working


workin on WRD volume 2
getting ready for HEALING POWER OF MUSIC tour
my goal iz to finish album before going on tour
I just have ALOT on my plate
Can't do it all
I SUCK @ promoting so I am workin on that also..... patient....this will get better wit time.....
I will leave yall wit this wisdom...
PEOPLE are scared of the TRUTH cuz it will change their lives & perspectives...they would rather be ignorant to blend in & not evolve cuz they are scared to think for themselves....
Thinking for yourself doesn't make you independent or smart it makes you a REAL PERSON who accepts their rights/wrongs therefore evolving into a human being who is WORTH functioning in society. Society is scared to har
bor those human beings cuz they KNOW society's REAL SIDE under its obvious facade

people are easy slaves to ignorance cuz they prefer 
"safe realities"

Dont be scared of knowledge...LIFE is about knowing truths & pursuing higher enlightenments on many different levels
It gives your seconds in this world MORE MEANING
I am not ALWAYS right
I am not ALWAYS wrong
But I can ALWAYS accept that
Thats what makes me GREAT