I don't wanna be man of my city

Rather have the universe

That'll cheer me up plenty

Til I reach deep inside my soul 

seeking healing

Now all my flaws are revealing

Damn...I'm shivering just thinking

Can't close my room door now

They wanna see my face

While I doubt my confidence

That I built up in the 1st place

Hard too.....

Especially when you get treated differently like u aint special

Born on a level where they don't know how to respect u

When u show promise

They'll try to protect u

When your too honest

They'll try to inspect u

I'm ready for that scope

Sooo tired of being careful

I know I got charges

Thats not "socially acceptable"

Stopped tryin to please everyone since I turned 16

Thats when I looked in the mirror 

And started to accept me.....

Regardless of the past

What "They" said last

Used to tell me I was nuttin but trouble

My potential won't last

"It'll be wasted just like ya homeboys"

So jump in this casket

Can't smoke this wood.....boy

So what the fuck u gon do now????

.....See thats alllllready understood