random thoughts@work *12-1-12*


@ work so these are my thoughtz....if u are at work, enjoy your shift; if not, enjoy your night

11 jobs since 13
Steady workin 4 more c.r.e.a.m.
Sandwiched between my skill & these dreams
Feels like the sky aint far where I breathe
Deceive no one 
Receive assurance 
Knowin my brilliance as a chameleon
Camel in the desert
Shark in a drowning building
Watch the count 
I need precision
Probably?.....ehhhh just won't prove it
They need 2 feel Worst Breed
We workin, they worrying
Wonderin why?
Wandering while withholding reasons
Repeating financial grievance
Watchin seasons fly by 
Glasses up
Casket tucked under dirt mattresses
Serta tough 
Still strong even tho I left some best friends behind
Kinda funny when u really help they will leave u behind
Loyalty locally ain't been the best on my forefront
Better luck wit those who dont share the same scenery in my door front
I been higher thinkin I just naturally gravitated to greenery
Burnin thru thoughts of love, hate & if I still believe in me
See that's my 1st test before I put my life on my sleeve
Always keepin it tru
Use it for my nose when I bleed
Difficult to do when everyone don't want u to succeed
So indeed I do my part 
Scripting scenes for the movie screens
Either tv or the Internet 
Lately they seem like the same thang....