I AM GOING TO BE HORRIBLE at keeping up with the blog..........


**RANDOM THOUGHTS** [im bored @ work also]


wishing LIFE was more simple

Or just far away from here

Head right above the water

After fallin off the pier

Never scared just a few doubts in my head

So after we cruised the clouds

We put knots up in the bed

Feeling this sensei stimulate all ya senses

Steaming up my lenses all hot & shit

Hopping over fences, I know you are lil shy

But wit this guy, theres nothing I wouldn't try

Just to make u comfortable as my consort in my cohort

Foundation, moat & a fort

Aint nobody gettin to u

Cuz most hate & try to plant lies up in u

On some INCEPTION ish but dont let them get 2 u.........

Stay right here wit me......


- BLZ  {{}}



--album coming out the beginning of next year so a month & some BIG plans for it so im excited for it to drop. I know EVERYONE will love it