So......I have been HARD @ work, not just musically. As you can tell I changed the website layout; navigation iz much easier & everythang iz organized better. you tell by the image up top, my album iz FINALLY FINISHED & ready to infect tha masses. I will be dropping it next week when I get everythang else together. Trust ME tryin to do it ALL & keep up wit it ALL. Sleep....sometime. Uhhhh ima keep up wit tha website also. Goal iz to keep up a daily blog post.........but keep up wit my FACEBOOK & TWITTER (to the farrrr left side of website page). Continually check my BANDCAMP too. I will be droppin songs when I feel like it, either free or $1 (thats all). I record ALOT!! I just be waiting to drop songz pretty much.......


Can't wait for yall to hear what I have been cookin up in tha studio. This iz just PART ONE. We couldn't fit ALL tha songz on tha cd so we split it up. Uhhh....wha else to say.........o yea got some flyers also..........this will be tha year my LIFE will change so get@me!!


**WB out**