WRD iz coming.......

Written Rhymez Disperse "

by BLZ

coming soon......

stay tuned......artwork + 14 trackz of music

more music after that........

I am putting together the artwork since I can't just do a quick lil project I gotta go ALL means more work for me which iz cool.

Me & BLG came up wit some GREAT designs lastnite @ the weekly meeting so i got great rough drafts.

The point of this album is to show more versatility & diversity of my flow/beatz/music

And to make yall wait more for 2GreaTNESS (part 2)

I'm always recording/mixing/creating/ new music will always be on deck or available

So I plan on dropping this in a week or so......gonna try real hard to at least finish recording everythang BY this weekend. If I do that, mixing it will be no problem.

The OTHER reason i am droppin this iz cuz I am actually going ON TOUR (yea I said it!!) in JUNE

Details cannot be exposed right now but....its a GREAT thang!!! I'm praying to God that everythang works out & follows through!!

Like I treat everythang.....we will see wha it iz & wha it look like........BUT pray for me PLEASE

I have helped countless others with slight reciprocation so this opportunity will be greatly cherished & greatly deserved