HitMaKaz Comin Ep

HitMaKaz Comin Ep [demo] (2004)

2GreaT (formerly known as HitMaKaz)


yaaaaooo this was our demo we recorded in THE JAM ROOM back in 2004. This was the studio version we made after the low budget version. Damn....that was looonnngg time ago. We were the 1 of FIRST rappers ever to record in THE JAM ROOM also. Real young MC's on tha grind.


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  1. Low Budget [intro]
  2. Sumthin New
  3. Lets Go
  4. BelowZero - DangerZone
  5. D-Luv (Bowtye) & HitMaKaz - If U Feelin Me
  6. DJ Phat - The Final Heartbeat
  7. Get Off My Back
  8. Spirit Of War
  9. Think
  10. Throw Ya Handz
  11. Spirit Of War [remix] (feat. Bowtye)
  12. Stay In Ya Place
  13. Winds Of Change
  14. HitMaKaz Comin


**all tracks produced by 2GreaT (formerly known as HitMaKaz)**